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Do Vasectomies Increase Your Odds of Getting Prostate Cancer?

When a new study came out in 2014 suggesting that men who had a vasectomy were at increased odds of getting prostate cancer, questions and apprehensions emerged. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO), reported an “increased … Continue reading

Weighing Your Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Weighing Your Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Men diagnosed with prostate cancer now have many treatment options available to them, including radiation, surgery, and drugs that stop the growth of the prostate cancer. With so many choices, all of which have … Continue reading

Da Vinci Surgery Offers Minimally Invasive Option for Prostate Cancer

More U.S. men choose da Vinci Surgery than any other treatment for prostate cancer, and more and more men worldwide facing prostate cancer are choosing da Vinci Surgery. da Vinci Surgery now offers a minimally invasive treatment option with da Vinci Prostatectomy. … Continue reading